Welcome to the Australian Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA).

ALMA is comprised of Australian health professionals of a Lebanese background.

ALMA is a not for profit association whose major objectives include:

(1) To provide a forum for professional and social exchange among its members

(2) To promote and pursue charitable, educational and social projects within the Australian community;

(3) To promote and conduct continuing medical education in professional skills and knowledge of its members; the furtherance of medical science within the membership of the Association, for the benefit of the Australian community;

(4) To promote and conduct community educational forums and support for the Australian and Lebanese community;

(5) To promote and foster linkages among other medical associations in Australia and Internationally;

(6) To provide responses in relation to medical and health issues affecting the Lebanese community in Australia and thereby advise on any health policy issue;

(7) To promote the exchange of health professionals between the Australian community and Lebanon;

(8) To provide reasonable guidance and support to any Lebanese Medical professional and to the Australian and Lebanese communities as a whole in Australia.

Establishment of ALMA

ALMA was established in March 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.