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Lebanese Back - ALMA NSW Educational Dinner

Date: 28-02-2018


Dr Rahme and Dr Sari.



Time: TBA

Cost: Free

RSVP: Dr Ghassan Charbel 0411830890 or Dr Tarek Sari (0404190130)

Addiction Series - ALMA NSW

Date: 15-11-2015


A. Associate Professor Colin Mendelsohn (Tobacco Treatment Specialist) gave an informative presentation on the following topics: (1) The health effects of tobacco (2) Update on pharmacotherapy and the appropriate use of Nicotine Therapy Replacement (3) Drug Interactions with smoking (4) Discussed the stress paradox (5) The impact of electronic cigarettes B. Dr Rony Kayrouz (Psychologist) presented on the different pathways that lead to problem gambling in the Lebanese community. (1) Emotional and Biological Vulnerability Pathway (i.e. escape from problems) (2) Impulsive and Anti-Social Pathway (i.e. poor emotional and behavioral regulation) (3) Conditioned Pathway (i.e., a habit)


Location: Zenobia Restaurant

Time: 7:15pm

Cost: Free

RSVP: Dr Ghassan Charbel Dr Tarek Sari

ALMA NSW Educational Health Seminar

Date: 08-09-2016


Dr David Malouf (Urologist) - Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer Dr Nabil Rahme (Gastroenterologist) - Inflammatory Bowel Disease


Location: Al Aseel Function Centre


Cost: Free

RSVP: Dr Ghassan Charbel or Dr Tarek Sari